Maple Ridge Leisure Centre

Client was the city of Maple Ridge and Chandos – We installed a new leisure pool, hot tub, and CIP mechanical works. Matt, Concrete FormWork Contractor “The formwork was especially difficult with the fact of the oval shapes and embedded electrical and mechanical. We used waterproof concrete and 2 part crystalline water stops in all construction joints to create a waterproof seal in all our joints. FWS poured the gutter monolithically with the wall saving a month off the schedule.”

Maple Ridge Leisure Centre


Project Info

The MRLC serves 82,256 Maple Ridge citizens. It is a community gathering place where countless citizens achieve their healthy living goals, engage in their favourite activities, meet other like-minded residents and build lasting relationships.   

Expected Completion Date: Summer, 2020
Project Type: Commercial Concrete FormWork 


Prospect Point

For City of Vancouver


SFU Stadium

For Simon Fraser University


Town Homes

For Arne

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